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Proofreading for non-native English speakers

As a non-native English speaker, you are probably going to need someone to check and proofread your work. It is not because of a lack of skill on your part, it is because you are at a severe disadvantage when it comes to the English written word. It is easier to learn how to speak a language than it is to write it. Do not forget that native English speakers need proofreaders desperately to pick up their errors, and you are literally years behind them when it comes to learning the written word. If you learn to swim at the age of 40, then you cannot be expected to swim the English Channel at the age of 45. So, do not be too hard on yourself, do yourself a favor and hire a proofreading service.

order in redThere are some elements to English that sound as if they mean something else. Heartache is not a medical condition, and starting from scratch does not mean starting from an injured place. As a non-native English speaker, you are more likely to get these wrong, which is why you should hire a proofreader and/or proofreading service. You have done the hard work, so now let professionals polish up your work and make it perfect.

The English language is evolving all the time, and you learned it in a structured manner. In other words, what you learned a few years ago will have changed today. Just look at the history of the hyphen to see just how much it has changed (shouldn’t Land Rover be hyphenated?), not to mention the fact that big businesses in America have taken the apostrophe out of their name because native speakers do not understand them (Tim Hortons, Waterstones, etc). Proofreaders make it their job to stay up to date with what it correct and what is not so that you need not worry too much about it.